Collection: Mothers D.A.A.Y.

MOTHERS D.A.A.Y. is our collection that represents the effort between the "His Love Is Amazing Movement" and Kára McCullough Temple (Miss USA 2017) to help mothers all over the globe to Declare An Amazing Year upon their lives. Many mothers struggle with depression, but the more they acknowledge the AMAZING love of God, the more they will be able to walk in amazing victory all year around. A resolution was signed by our mayor with this effort in mind, declaring January 1st of every year "The Amazing Life Celebration Day"!

With every Amazing T-shirt that you purchase, a former inmate will also recieve an official Amazing T-shirt as well, reminding them that though we mess up, God still loves us!

Join the Movement and "Declare An Amazing Year" over your life, or someone you love, today!

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